Do You Have The Same Financial Concerns You Had When You Were 32?

Didn't think so. People in different stages of life have different challenges and goals. Wealth Management works best when the advisor specializes in working with a specific type of person.

Who We Serve

At CLEAR, we know we can't be everything to everyone and still provide the expertise necessary to deliver the best service. So we direct our time and attention on a select group of people.

In or Interested in Retirement

We tailor our investment and financial planning strategies for people who are already retired, partially retired, or getting ready to retire.

Want an Advisor

Our clients don't want to become experts themselves in investing and financial planning. They recognize the importance of working with a professional devoted to retirement wealth.

Have Some Savings

Through work or inheritance, our clients own cash and investments between $500,000 and $10 million. Our solutions are geared toward the challenges involved with this range of wealth.

Care for Others

Our clients donate time and often some money to others--family and/or causes--that are meaningful to them. We provide specific guidance to help their gifting go further.

Stay in Touch

Though we do the ongoing "heavy lifting," our clients put in a few hours of meetings and correspondence with us each year to ensure their current and future financial success.

Nice People

Simply put, our clients are nice! We respect each other as individuals, and we enjoy working together to achieve the client's most essential goals.

Sounds Like You?

If so, we can help. See if our qualifications meet your needs.